Week 22 A – Self Direction from Self Reflection

Direction or “a course pursued by a moving object” is from the Latin dirigere “set straight”. Reflection literally means bending back, as in light or heat or one’s thoughts. It’s Latin root,reflectere, means the same. Self reflection and self direction are partners in the same game of achieving our goals. They are tied together like shoe laces, really part of one whole but seeming like separate entities. If they are laced together properly, equal partners on either side crossing back and forth, creating a lovely pattern but more importantly weaving together to form a snug fit and when looped and bound and tied appropriately providing support and a means to get somewhere… faster. 

Self direction is awesome but without self reflection one could find themselves well down a path they did not intend to take. Lately I have been reflecting on the directions my life has taken over it’s course thus far. Seems pretty clear to me when looking retrospectively, that some self reflection time could really have been helpful. Mainly to speed up my learning curve in business but also in personal relationships. Self reflection is largely overlooked in our society. Maybe that’s because it requires taking responsibility for our mistakes, really owning them. Not just shrugging it off as, well, at least I tried or it was meant to be. We have a hard time doing this even when the only person affected was ourself. I know I have. Also, I think we are afraid we will get lost in the negativity, dwell in the darkness of what could have been. I definitely haven’t let myself sit in that space for too long. It’s impossible, in fact, when your core motive is harmony, like mine is. But I digress. What I’m attempting to get at here is that there is a fine line to master regarding the art of self reflection. Attaining mastery in this art will serve to take you in your self directed actions with even more confidence and creative momentum than direction of self could ever attain singularly. 

So as we use these skills we have gained in the last 6 months or so, let’s set ourselves straight on a course of definite major purpose. And be open and willing and even, dare I say, excited to bend our thoughts back on ourselves… on our choices, actions and results, or lack thereof, so that we may redirect as needed and continue to refine our skills as people of self directed action! 


6 thoughts on “Week 22 A – Self Direction from Self Reflection

  1. I love this week’s blog. It is so true that many do not reflect on or take accountability for their actions. Every person on this planet should have some self reflection time. Can you imagine how different the world would be if everyone chose to do that?

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  2. I found this because one of my tribe (Laurie Hanson) reblogged it. Very nice way of putting the thoughts together. You may find that your DMP will change as you look at it from your true core. That’s OK. You’ve got the process down now. Keep the Sit and Silence as you move forward in harmony.


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